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Form for the submission of the public comments



In order to facilitate citizen participation in environmental assessment procedures and to ensure transparency, considering that over a thousand comments have been submitted over the last year regarding SEA, EIA and EIA screening procedures, it is necessary to standardize and simplify the arrangements for the submission of  comments, exploiting the potential of the information tools.

For this purpose, a specific form has been prepared available in the section Communic-action - Citizen Area.

In the form, besides the type of procedure and the title of the Plan/Program/Project of interest, the content of the text of the comment must be included in the form.

The text, when complex or very extensive, and any technical documents may also be attached to the form. It is also necessary to indicate the personal data (Annex 1 to the form) and to provide a copy of the valid identity document (Annex 2 to the form).

The comments received are fully published, with the exception of the personal data (Annex 1 and 2 to the form), on the relevant web page of the Environmental Assessment  SEA-EIA Portal containing the documentation relating to the procedure of interest by the date set out by the current legislation for the expiry of the public consultation phase.

The form and the attached documentation must be simultaneously submitted via ECM (Electronic Certified Mail) at DGSalvaguardia.Ambientale@PEC.minambiente.it (preferably) or via ordinary mail at: Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Land and Sea – Directorate General for Environmental Assessments and Authorizations - Division II Environmental Assessment Systems Via Cristoforo Colombo 44, 00147 Rome, or by fax 0657223040.

Download the form for the submission of comments