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Opere Strategiche per il Porto di Civitavecchia

General information

Work: Porto di Civitavecchia (RM)

Project: Opere Strategiche per il Porto di Civitavecchia

Developer: Autorità Portuale di Civitavecchia

Project type: Ports

Unique code (CUP): J91E01000020001

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Territories and marine areas

Regions: Lazio

Provinces: Roma

Municipalities: Civitavecchia

Marine areas: Mar Tirreno Centrale

Select procedure

Procedure Procedure Code Starting date Stage of the procedure
Unsubstantial project changes (Strategic works Law 443/2001) 2642 30/12/2013 Concluded Procedure details Documents
EIA Follow-up (Strategic works Law 443/2001) 1778 23/02/2012 Pending the start of the enivronmental monitoring Procedure details Documents
EIA Compliance (Strategic works Law 443/2001) 757 13/07/2005 Concluded Procedure details Documents
Environmental Impact Assessment (Strategic works Law 443/2001) 630 04/06/2003 Concluded Procedure details Documents