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Hydrocarbons exploration permit d65 F.R-NP

General information

Work: Hydrocarbons exploration permit d65 F.R-NP

Project: Hydrocarbons exploration permit d65 F.R-NP

Description: The exploration permit is located in the Southern Adriatic Sea, marine Zone F, NE of Brindisi, with an extent of about 729,3 km2. The exploration involves the development of a geological study at regional scale, the reprocessing and interpretation of 150-300km of existing seismic data and subsequent new acquisition of 250 - 500 km of 2D seismic data.

Developer: Northen Petroleum UK Ltd

Project type: Hydrocarbons exploration

Related website: Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico

Deadline for submission of comments: 08/01/2011 mail

Territories and marine areas


Regions: Puglia

Provinces: Brindisi

Municipalities: Brindisi

Marine areas: Mar Adriatico Meridionale

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Procedure Procedure Code Starting date Stage of the procedure
Environmental Impact Assessment 357 02/11/2010 Concluded Procedure details Documents