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Hydrocarbons exploration permit d66 F.R-NP

General information

Work: Hydrocarbons exploration permit d66 F.R-NP

Project: Hydrocarbons exploration permit d66 F.R-NP

Description: The exploration permit is located in the Southern Adriatic Sea, marine Zone F, NE of Monopoli and Fasano, with an extent of about 711,6 km2. The exploration involves the development of a geological study at regional scale, the reprocessing and interpretation of 150-300km of existing seismic data and subsequent new acquisition of 250 - 500 km of 2D seismic d


Project type: Hydrocarbons exploration

Related website: Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico

Deadline for submission of comments: 09/01/2011 mail

Territories and marine areas


Regions: Puglia

Provinces: Bari

Municipalities: Monopoli

Marine areas: Mar Adriatico Meridionale

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Procedure Procedure Code Starting date Stage of the procedure
Environmental Impact Assessment 358 02/11/2010 Concluded Procedure details Documents