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HS/HC Milano-Napoli railway. Roma-Napoli section. Access road to Napoli Afragola HS station


(n.158) Documents of the EIA Screening

Title Section Code Date Scale Size
PLANIMETRIA LAYOUT CANTIERE Project documentation N7D2-01-D-53-PU-SZ0002-004-A 15/03/2018 - 3587 kB Metadata Download
Tipologico realizzazione cavalcavia Project documentation N7D2-01-D-53-PU-SZ0002-005-A 15/03/2018 - 1414 kB Metadata Download
Planimetria fasi Project documentation N7D2-01-D-53-PU-SZ0002-006-A 15/03/2018 - 2845 kB Metadata Download
FASCICOLO DELL'OPERA Project documentation N7D2-01-D-53-PU-SZ0003-001-A 15/03/2018 - 1845 kB Metadata Download
Studio Preliminare Ambientale - Relazione generale Preliminary Environmental Study N7D2-01-D-22-RG-IM0000-001-B 15/03/2018 - 39174 kB Metadata Download
Corografia generale Preliminary Environmental Study N7D2-01-R-22-CZ-IM0000-001-A 15/03/2018 1:20.000 9864 kB Metadata Download
Sistema delle aree protette Preliminary Environmental Study N7D2-01-R-22-C3-IM0000-001-A 15/03/2018 1:25.000 13501 kB Metadata Download
Corografia siti di cava ed impianti di smaltimento Preliminary Environmental Study N7D2-01-R-22-C3-IM0000-002-A 15/03/2018 1:25.000 5535 kB Metadata Download
Sistema dei vincoli Preliminary Environmental Study N7D2-01-R-22-N4-IM0000-001-A 15/03/2018 1:10.000 34387 kB Metadata Download
Sistema della programmazione territoriale Preliminary Environmental Study N7D2-01-R-22-NX-IM0000-001-A 15/03/2018 varie 6478 kB Metadata Download